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Short Stay Home For Elderly

"Most senior citizens in the Nagpur, or elsewhere in the country, live with their dear ones in the warmth and comfortsor their family. The Families during normal time do not requir the support of any external agency to ensure the care dn well- being of their eldely.However, there are occasion when their familylongs for the short term assistance of a care giver. A temporary place of safety and comfort for their aged. It could be a family event outside the city or a holiday trip which the family is planning. For the same taking the elderly along with them would be very risky to the senior citizens health and comfor. KUSUM VIHAR is an initiative of Matru Seva Sangh which will be a blessing to these families during such time of need.

           KUSUM VIHAR came up as per the will and wish of late Dr. Kusum Wankar, After completine her MBBS from grant Medical College Mumbai in 1946, Dr. Wankar as a young doctor was inspired by the work of Padmashree Kamalatai Hospet and joined MSS as medical officer in 1951. Dr. Wankar's efforts to improve the health care system in the city continued with renewed vigor after her marriage to Orthopedic sergron and social worker Dr. Vasant Wankar. she worked with missionery zeal as a Resident Medical suprintendent of MSS till she retired in 1980. During her long and inspiring career she helped to develop a number of facilities in MSS like , the Nurses Training Centre, Dai training Centre, Family Planning Centre, Post Portum Programme, Immunization Programme, Premature Baby Unit, Childrens Clinic, Child Development Centre, Blood Bank, Rural Health Centres, Nandanvan School, Mentally Challanged etc..

           Dr. Wankar briefly worked as the secretary of MSS in 1995-96 and was first elected as President of MSS in 1996 for a year and was re-elected as the President of MSS in 2005 and continued in the same position till April 2012, when she resigned from this post due to failing health. In Dr. Wankar, the Matru Seva Sangh Had a trusted trustee, a practcing Gandhian as epitome of selfless service and above all, a rare role model. Under her stewardship MSS won the Anandibai Gopal JoshiGaurav Puraskar and Ahilyabai Holkar Award of the GOVT. of Maharashtra. Following a brief spell of illness she passed away on 27th May 27th May 2012, at the ripe are of 90, having work selflessly till her last breath. During her lift time, she had also supported the MSS with her generous donetion. She had doneted Rs. 63 Lakhs for the construction of Dr. Vasantrao Wankar Bhavan' at Laxmi Nager for a sheltered workshop for nandanvan school for the mentally challanged, in memory of her late husband: She had further donated Rs 35 Lakh for " Cancer detection Centre" in in memory of her late mother Smt. Indirabai Khare and late mothe-in-law Smt Laxmibai Wankar.

           Dr. Wankar had willed that the formation of Kusum Vihar Trust, which has generously donated a major portion of her assets to MSS with a wish that a short stay home for the temporary care of the elderly be constructed. Fulfilling her wish, the MSS has constructed "KUSUM VIHAR" on its main campus in Sitabulde. Behind the OPD of MSS Maternity Hospital.


* A professionally managed centre for the temporary care of the elderly, whenever the 
  family is in need of such short term support.
* Centrally Located
* Elderly from any section of the society are welcome.
* Very resonable fees which are utilize entirely for the upkeep of the facility.
* Services of qualified medical and nursing staff available around the clock.
* Elderly are allowed to stay for a maximum period of one month at a stretch.

For more details and advance bookings
Chief Care Giver:
Matru Seva Sangh Sitabuldi Nagpur.
Telephone : 0712-2523596
for more Details Visit:www.mss.org.in