Nandanvan - School for mentally Retarded.

Nandwan was established in 1960, and is held in its own premises, a three storeyed building. It is recognized by the Social Welfare Department of Govt. of Maharashtra. There is a shelter workshop for the grown up students and a hostel for 30 students. There are threee centres started at urban areas of Nagpur. A training centre for special teachers is proposed to be started very soon. Academic courses different crafts are taught to train the mentally retailed children for self earning, such as-Tailoring, Weaving, chalk making, caning, wood work, coir making, painting etc.

Guidance to the parents as well as the teachers. The school received monetary help from the Health and Social Welfare Department of U.S.A. known as VRA-INd 18-65 project There are 200 school going children.