Ortho Hospital

Orthopedically handicapped Childrens from downtroden rural and tribal are operated upon in this centre. Post operative assistance is also provided disabled by birth, polio, spastic, accident deformities and disabilities under the special experts doctors free of cost. Centre have well equipped operation theatre also have physiotherapist, councellors. Physically Handicapped Rehabilitation Centre

In 1981 orthopaedic Hospital. Residentaial Rehabilitation Centre started. This centre offers facilities to children for operation and post operative exercises along with well equipped hsopital and residential school having classes from 1st to 10 th std. Physically handicapped and economically backward are the only two parameters for school admission. The project gets grant in aid from state govt's social welfare department Honorary teachess also do contribute in this school. Boys from 6 to 14 and girls from 6 to 18 total 75 are taking advantage. Here experts advice for treatment, exercise along with calipers are available. Along with formal education the students are nonformal education like music, tabla, harmonium, computer, tailoring, embroidary, knitting etc. After assesing students speical interests the special trainning is given to make them Financially independent by self employment.