Foundlings Home

Providing care and protection to foundlings and providing adoption services are the main functions of this Home Located the Govt. Medical College and Hospital, Nagpur. It is a recognised adoption agency (Licenced by CARA) and has done commendable work in the area of promoting adoptions within the Country. Professional social workers help the prospective adoption comples through the process of adoption.

Genesis & Progress

Matru Sewa Sangh the Apex body founded by Late Padmashree Kamalabai Hospet in 1921 runs number of Welfare Projects in Nagpurand Series of Maternity Homes in Central India. Foundling Home is also one the very important activities run under the guidance and patronage of M.S.S. with an objective of Health, Education and Welfare of Women and Children. M.S.S. Medical Social Service Centre which is situated in the Govt. Medical College, Nagpur came in to being on 30th March 1975 with the active encouragement of Dr.Vikram Marwah, the Dean of the Medical College and Hospital, Nagpur.

Foundling Home

Foundling Home is an offshoot of the Medical Social Service Centre. This activity came into existence on 28th Jan. 1982 as a sequel to the abandoned children being referred by the Govt. Medical College and Hospital to the Medical Social Service Centre.

Policy and Objectives

main policy of Foundling Home is that no child should be an orphan and that the child needs love and care. Keeping this in view the objectives of Foundling Home are:

  1. To find a suitable Home for these abandoned children.
  2. To facilitate upkeep and maintenance of children abandoned by unwed mothers or widows.
  3. To initiate activities to promote Indian Adoption.

Services Rendered

  1. Counselling : Provide Counselling Services to unwed mothers, adoptive couples and theirfamilies.
  2. Legal Formalities : Register prospective parents and provide services to complete legal formalities for adoption.
  3. Home Visits : Home visits are made to study the environment and to evaluate the eligibility of the Adoptive.
  4. Popularisation : To popularise the concept of adoption. Educational and awareness programmes are held.
  5. Follow-up : Follow-up forms an important part of the process of adoption. The adoptive couples are encouraged to meet the Social-Workers from time to time and seek assistance if needed. The couples are asked to participate in various programmes of Foundling Home.

    Whom we give the Child in Adoption : Preference is given for Indian Couples and in the extreme event, when the child is not accepted in Indian adoption to try for inter-country adoption. First to an Indian family setteled abroad and in its absence a foreign couple.

Facts about Adoption

What is Adoption ?
Adoption is a social legal concept. Its primary aim is to secure a suitable home for a child in which it can be nurtured and develope into a healthy and happy personality.

What are the Criteria for adoption ?

  1. Married couples or single adult who have a steady income sufficient to bear the family expenses & provide financial security to the child.
  2. Those whose age is generally not beyond 45 years.

What are the documents required in the process of adoption ?

Documents required for Adoption of an Indian Child (Original one set + four copies of all the documents)

  1. A marriege certificate or proof of marriage
  2. Income certificate from the employer. In case of self employed person income tax return or a certificate from Chartered Accountants.
  3. General Health Certificate
  4. H.I.V. Report of both the applicants.
  5. Gynecological Report ( on the letterhead of the Doctor). Infertility should be mentioned if applicable. The period must include the period of treatment and reasons for childlessness.
  6. Reference : Three letters of recommendation from person who know the family well and recommend them as prospective adoptive parents of which one should be from the parents or immediate relative of either spouse.
  7. Property Statement : A statement on the value of property owned by the family including other assets like Bonds, Shares, Policies, Fixed Deposits, etc and liabilities.
  8. Bank Reference : A letter from the Bank indicating the current Bank Balance of the adoptive family.
  9. Photograph : A recent postcard size photograph of the adoptive couple ( with children if any) (Five copies)
  10. Birth Certificate : A proof of age of the adoptive couple.
  11. Undertaking from younger relative stating that in the event of crisis he or she would act as a guardian to the child.
  12. Alternative child care arrangement in case of working mother.

How you can help us ?

  1. By promoting the ideas of adoption.
  2. By donating medical supplies, toys, cradles, vitamins, tonics, Baby clothes, milk powder, etc.